Replacement Windows or New Construction Windows

eplacement-Windows-Lakewood-WADid you know that leaky or inefficient windows can account for significant portion of your total energy bill?

A time-honored reputation for superior, highly-innovative custom made products manufactured from local materials. Our specialty is producing high-quality residential windows that are guaranteed for life.

And whether you are considering window replacement to improve energy efficiency, or new construction windows that contribute to a unique appearance and added curb appeal, we have just the right window for you.

Why should you buy windows from us?

  • Every window is manufactured to order
  • Our windows are made to your precise specifications
  • We have a nearly limitless selection of shapes and sizes to meet every need

Call Lindsay Windows for a consultation to discuss your needs for window replacement or beautifully creative new construction windows.


Vinyl Window Replacement Options to Create the Perfect Window

Window-Replacement-Lakewood-WAOur success as a leader in the development of new products is due in part to our commitment to quality and customer service!

Everything we do is based on providing design appeal from the outside, and comfort from the inside without compromising quality, durability, or energy efficiency.

Our window replacement options for creating the perfect window are extensive. And utmost in our desire to manufacture perfect windows, aside from our commitment to high quality, is the provision of:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Security
  • Noise reduction
  • Beautiful non-compromising aesthetics
  • A perfect fit
  • Lifetime warranty

We are proud of our reputation as a premier provider of replacement and new construction windows. Call us today for recommendations of window solutions for your home.


Windows Made to Order to Your Specifications

When we speak of windows made to order to your exact specifications, we are committed to providing a great customer experience right down to the individual final inspection.

Our full line series includes a full selection of complementary products including:

  • Casements/Awnings
  • Sliders
  • Double sliders
  • Double hung
  • Single hung tilt
  • Picture windows
  • Garden windows
  • Patio Doors

Whether you need replacement windows or new construction windows, we have a limitless selection of shapes and sizes to meet every need. To learn more about our superior, innovative and custom made windows, including window replacement solutions with a lifetime warranty, call Lindsay Windows. (253) 284-5406