Every Garden Window is Made to Order

You can bring the beauty and tranquility of outdoor plants and herbs into a kitchen with a garden window that is made to order.

We have designed our garden windows with special attention to detail.

As with all of our products, one of the main features of our garden windows that set them apart from others is our thick multi-chambered vinyl window frames. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Multi chambers provide added strength to prevent sagging
  • The chambers and low-E high performance glass provide energy efficiency
  • They are cut to exacting standards and heat welded for durability

Call Lindsay Windows for a full solution to your garden window needs. Every window is manufactured to order and to your precise specifications.


Garden Windows That Make a Statement of Style and Quality

We are not just an average window manufacturer.

We have earned a time-honored reputation for superior, highly-innovative custom made products with local materials. Our specialty is producing high-quality windows with a lifetime warranty.

Our garden window has architecturally superior features that take into account the importance of function as well as aesthetic appeal.

For example, our garden windows:

  • Have the best multi-chambered vinyl frames in the business
  • Provide exceptional thermal protection
  • Utilize low-E glass for optimum energy efficiency
  • Have a contemporary aesthetic appeal
  • Are manufactured to order to your precise specifications
  • Carry a lifetime warranty


Kitchen Garden Window Remodeling or New Construction

You may be working on a home remodeling project that requires replacement of an existing window that looks like a perfect location for installation of a garden window.

Whether you are remodeling, updating or building a home, you may want to consider our garden window for aesthetic appeal.

Constructed with our high-quality multi-chambered vinyl frames, our properly vented garden windows maintain the warmth inside the room during cooler winter months, but vent it out during the warmer summer months.

Call Lindsay Windows for innovative design ideas and options for a window manufactured to your precise specifications with a lifetime warranty. 800-332-5787