About Lindsay Windows


We hope you see the value in doing business with Lindsay Windows. We are not just the average window manufacturer. We pride ourselves on producing a high quality product and offer our customers as many of the latest innovations as possible. We are family owned and operated as opposed to most other manufacturers that are either multi-national corporations or part of a multi-national conglomerate. We provide old-fashioned personal service and are willing and able to quickly respond to the needs of our customers. Each of our customers can be assured that we are a company who cares about each and every window we produce and will go the extra mile to insure they enjoy their windows for many years to come.

While manufacturing windows is our business, this website can not demonstrate the commitment to excellence or the degree of integrity we strongly believe in. We ask that you put your trust in our company to provide you the products you need to be successful in the marketplace. We are confident you will find Lindsay Windows to be the type of company you will be proud to recommend to even the most discriminate homeowner. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you and your customers!


When it comes to your home, we know you want quality and comfort. We also know you have a choice. Although the vinyl garden window is commonplace today, few people know that Lindsay Windows was its originator on the West Coast in 1992. From our garden window to our patented Finished Look products, quality and innovation reflect the principles upon which Lindsay Windows was founded.

Lindsay Windows is known as the premier provider of replacement window products and solutions. What's the difference between a new construction window and a replacement window? Attention to detail. We recognize that our customers not only look through our windows, but also look at them. Each window is individually inspected for quality and durability to assure your satisfaction. You can trust our commitment to provide a full solution to your window needs. Lindsay Windows, quality and comfort since 1989.

New Windows Shape and Size Options to Meet Your Needs

If you are searching for new windows, working with a high quality manufacturer with an exceptional reputation is a significant factor.

As family owned and operated window manufacturers since 1989, we have built our company on the merits of high-quality products, latest innovations and old-fashioned personal service.

Knowing there is great pride in home ownership, we manufacture energy efficient windows using latest state-of-the-art technology to provide a distinguished appearance for newly-built homes.

We are unique family owned window manufacturers as opposed to most others who are either multi-national corporations or part of a multi-national conglomerate. As a result, we can provide personal service as well as:

  • Quick response to the needs of our customers
  • A nearly limitless selection of shapes and sizes to meet every need
  • Energy efficient windows manufactured to your precise specifications
  • Lifetime warranty

Call Lindsay Windows for latest innovations in windows that provide a perfect fit and outstanding curb appeal.


Energy Efficient Windows Have Many Benefits

What is an energy efficient window?

Windows that are capable of providing a sufficient level of insulation are considered energy efficient.

Living in an environment with outdoor temperatures that vary seasonally from warm to cold, heat is gained or lost through the windows of your home. Our energy efficient windows will save you money during the heating and cooling seasons and improve the comfort of your home.

As innovative window manufacturers, we take great pride in producing high-quality new windows with benefits to our customers, such as:

  • Improved thermal comfort of your home
  • Low maintenance and high durability
  • Perfect fit windows manufactured to your precise specifications
  • Reduced condensation and frosting

And as responsible window manufacturers with concerns about reducing the carbon footprint, we focus on producing energy efficient windows that require less energy. Call us today to learn more about our commitment to provide full solutions that meet your specific needs for new windows.


All Window Manufacturers are Not the Same Why Choose Us?

We want you to know that all window manufacturers are not the same.

Whether you are renovating a vintage home that requires replacement windows, or building a home that calls for highly distinguishable new windows for the most discriminate owner, our windows are manufactured to order and to your precise specifications.

In fact, one reason to choose us is that we provide an almost limitless selection of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs for energy efficient windows.

We manufacture windows with solutions that are a step above the rest. As a premier manufacturer of windows, we provide:

  • Extensive multi-chambers providing strength and energy efficiency
  • Fusion-welded corners on frame and sash
  • Reinforced meeting rail for added strength
  • Interlocking sash providing maximum weatherproofing and security

For new windows with a lifetime warranty and high quality built right in, call Lindsay Windows. 253-284-5406